Ready for Adoption: Meet our Brilliant Bilbo

Bilbo is a stunningly affectionate cat. The moment I met him, I fell in love and I'm sure you will too ❤️

He's currently living with several other cats & a dog and is used to the hustle and bustle of a family home 😻

That's not to say he doesn't also like his own fuss time with his hooman servant but he's generally quite a chilled boy 😼

At just over 4 years old he has asked us to find him his furever home. Have you got what it takes to make this boy the happiest kitty alive pray 🙏

Adoption fee and home checks apply

Ready for Adoption: Meet the Lovable Leo

Age: 7 years young

Leo is a laid back, lovely natured, little Lion 🦁

In fact, he's that laid back, when sunning it in the garden he'll leave the birds to play whilst he catches a few more rays ☀️

He has a remarkably cute and quiet meow & a purr that will melt your heart 💖

He's never lived with other pets although does get on with the neighbourhood cats 🐾

He's fantastic with children so a family home, with him as the only cat would be ideal 🏡

Adoption fee and home checks apply

Ready for Adoption

Meet our BobbyDazzler: Bob 🐈

D.O.B 10/05/21

Occasionally one of those cats comes along that absolutely melts your heart. Bob is that cat.♥️

It's fair to say he's not had an easy ride having previously been subjected to abuse. 😓 Somehow though this hasn't stopped him from being able to love... humans that is....

He doesn't particularly like to share his space with other pets and so is looking to be the prince of his own palace 💕

He is a fuss pot, but more often than not it's on his terms that he chooses to reward you with his affection.😻 He loves his food and is extremely playful, adoring his ball with a bell in it 🪀

Bob is the full package. A playful, energetic, loving, compassionate, independent beaut ⭐

Adoption fee and home checks apply